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For Energy Savings, LEDs Outshine Solar Panels: Scientific American

Both LEDs and solar photovoltaic systems would cut electricity consumption and monthly expenses as well as lower the impact of home lighting on the environment. But LEDs would pay back the investment much faster.

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‘Mancession’ Shifts Gender Roles | LiveScience

“It changes how men think of themselves,” Demantas said in a statement. “Usually men see themselves as supporters of the family, and since a lot of them are no longer able to do that alone on their income, they have to construct their identity in a new way to allow them to still think positively of themselves.

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Bullying Bruises Grades for Black & Latino Achievers | LiveScience

Bullying isn’t good for any child’s academic achievement. But a new study finds that high-achieving black and Latino students are academically harmed the most when they fall victim to bullying.

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Reindeer herder finds baby mammoth in Russia Arctic | Reuters

A reindeer herder in Russia’s Arctic has stumbled on the pre-historic remains of a baby woolly mammoth poking out of the permafrost, local officials said on Friday.

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Hacked in 60 Seconds: Thieves Could Steal Cars via Text Messages

Forget your car keys? Soon it won’t make a difference, as long as you have your laptop

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Video: How ‘gesture technology’ like Microsoft Kinect will change the way we live | Need to Know

Here’s a term you may not have heard yet — but we can just about guarantee that you will. It’s called “gesture technology” — using our body movements to control a computer. No keyboard, no mouse. It may represent a major leap in how we will communicate in the digital world. It might sound like just another way to sell gaming devices, but this story is about how gaming technology is being used to change the way we live.

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Bulletproof human skin made from spider silk and goat milk developed by scientists | Mail Online

It might look like a poorly drawn picture of an alien, but this is actually one of the most advanced types of skin ever made – that can even stop bullets.Researchers genetically engineered goats to produce milk which is packed with the same protein as silk spiders.

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Toxoplasma Infected Rats Love Their Enemies: Scientific American

When a healthy rat smells a cat, it flees. But rats infected with the Toxoplasma brain parasite actually follow cat odors, often presumably to their doom, red in tooth and claw.

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Giant South American rodent spotted in California | Reuters

A giant South American rodent weighing at least 100 pounds (45 kgs) was spotted at a waste-water treatment facility in California recently before disappearing in the brush, according to a wildlife official.

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Vampire arrest sparks discussion on pop culture | Reuters

ound growling and hissing in a parking lot and wearing only boxer shorts, the pierced and tattooed Bensley claimed he was a 500-year-old vampire who needed to “feed,” Galveston Police Capt. Jeff Heyse said.

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