Shave Your Vagina in Sixty Seconds

Bikini Line GenieThe “Bikini Line Genie” is billed as a protective shield that let’s women shave their vaginas without fear of hurting the most sensitive areas, and prevents loose stubble from entering.

It works by tucking in between the labia majora to cover the more sensitive labia minora and clitoris, while blocking off the vaginal opening so no foreign material may enter.

It comes with illustrated instructions, may be used sitting or standing.

I suppose in these days when bald beavers have become a necessity, getting shorn in sixty seconds demands a product like this.

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Velcro Snake to clear Clogged Drains

FlexisnakeThe Flexisnake is like a plumbing snake, except it has a piece of Velcro at the end to pull hair out of a sink drain.

Hair is leading cause of clogged drains in bathroom sinks, so it stands to reason that Velcro can be used to clear out clogged drains.

You feed the Velcro end down a sink drain, and spin it around, and then pull it out. Since the hair clog is often entangled, the entire clog can be pulled out at once.

Cost is $2.95 each.

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Sniff Your Wrist to get Horny

Scentuelle Libido PatchScentuelle Libido Patch is about what you probably guessed, a patch you wear on your skin that makes you horny.

But it doesn’t contain any medicine.

Instead, each patch is infused with floral aromas designed to put your mind into a state of arousal.

You’re supposed to hold your wrist (where you stick the patch) up to your nose for a whiff, whenever you need a shot of happiness. I can see people creating a dependency on these things and taking a whiff anytime they experience anxiety, like a job interview, spousal argument, speeding ticket, etc.

Scentuelle is made for women, but they offer another version for men.

A 30-day supply costs $34.95.

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Birth Control Breath Mints

Warner Chicott Femcon FeA pharmaceutical company, Warner Chilcott, announced today the availability of a new chewable birth control pill with a refreshing spearmint flavor.

The product, called “Femcon Fe”, is billed as the first and only FDA-approved chewable birth control pill. The company says that one of the leading causes of oral contraceptive failure is not consistently taking these pills everyday. By making it chewable, and tasty, it’ll allow women to have more fun.

On a serious note, the Warner Chilcott also says that a chewable form will provide an alternative to women who experience “breakthough bleeding” with traditional birth control pills.

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Water Bottle Nipple Adapter

What’s strange about this product is that no one has thought of it yet. At least, that’s what the inventor of the product says anyways.

The nipple adapts to just about any plastic water bottle and turns it into a baby-bottle. From the looks of it, it’ll probably attach to plastic soda bottles too.

It’s now selling at 7-Eleven and Circle-K stores for $1.95 each.

The idea is that you could stop the car at a convenience store, buy a bottle of water, along with a nipple adapter, and silence a crying baby on the spot.

The nipple adapter was created by Tommy Habeeb, former host of the reality-TV show “CHEATERS”, and who is now hosting, “STAG: Last Night of Freedom”. Tommy says…

“I was surprised that this product did not exist already. All of the retailers that I have met tell me it’s a no-brainer that this product will sell.”

Scented Bus Stops

Arcade Marketing Inc., in tandem with the California Milk Processor Board, is putting up a new type of advertisement at bus stops that emit the smell of chocolate chip cookies.

The ad, which will be placed at five bus stops in downtown San Francisco, utilizes the company’s technology called MagniScent┬«, which disseminates smell via
scent-infused adhesives affixed to the inside of the bus shelters and undersides of the benches.

It costs about $30.00 to “ad-scent” a bus stop, and the smell is expected to last a week.

While scent-based advertisements have been used in magazines, it’s supposedly a first for outdoor advertising. Though, I swear some fast-food burger joints deliberately pump burger smoke outside just to get me to walk in!

Interesting that the Milk Board would use cookie smell to attract attention to milk.

Celebrity Buttplugs

Now you can stick George W. Bush up your butt.

Celebrity Buttplugs have the likeness of famous people. Thus far, they have…

* George W. Tush

* Smell Gibson (Braveheart Edition)

* Parass Hilton

They’ll also make a”custom buttplug” for you, if you send them a close-up photo of someone, perhaps yourself, your ex, or whatever turns you on.

Soon to be available is an “expander” for the Dubya model that squeezes air into his head, expanding his ego, and increasing your pleasure.

Beer and Champagne in the Same Bottle

Krait Prestige Champagne LagerNow you can drink beer and champagne from the same bottle!

New from New York-NY-based Cobra Beer Inc. is “Prestige Champagne Lager” described as the most innovative beer to date, combining a bubbly with a brewski.

The label literature says “This holiday season have your beer and your champagne too!”

The company says it’s an 8 percent ABV, bottle-conditioned champagne lager, and goes on to say that it’s double fermented in Belgium’s world famous Rodenbach brewery, bringing out all the subtleties and character of its fine ingredients.

Add more glam to your beer and more fizz to the party circuits this holiday season.

Available in 750ml glass bottles, with retail price between $10.99 to $12.99.

Diaper Harness for Doggies

The STA-ON diaper harness is used to keep diapers on dogs, whether young puppies, untrained adult dogs, or elderly incontinent dogs.

The idea is the invention of Dorrie Krenkel, who grew tired of diapers that kept falling off of her dachshund, Bucky.

The harness is intended to work with babies’ diapers (you just poke a hole to pull the tail through), and you can get the harness in a variety of colors. They sell for $12.95 for the smallest size to $16.95 for the largest.

I suppose you might also need to get some “puppy powder” to prevent against diaper rash.

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Dry Air Lice Killer


A guy named Dale Clayton invented a new product that kills head lice much more effectively and quickly than medicinal shampoo products.

The machine called the “LouseBuster” blows out dry air, about twice as much air as a typical hair dryer. The dry air sucks the life out of lice causing them to release their grasp of hair strands and fall out. It also kills the eggs too.

The study, involving 169 children in the Salt Lake area, showed the LouseBuster killed 80 percent of hatched lice and 98 percent of eggs on infested children. Enough bugs were killed to prevent remaining lice from breeding …

Clayton had been researching the effects of lice on birds in England. When he moved to Salt Lake City, his research became difficult because the dry air killed the lice. That’s when the idea finally dawned on him.

Instead of schools sending infected kids home for quarantine, a kid can go to the front office and get cured in 30 minutes.

Meat Seasoning Inside Shotgun Shells

Season Shot is the name of a new type of live ammunition containing buckshot loaded with meat seasonings.

When you shoot a bird (with a real shotgun) the buckshot disintegrates inside the flesh and releases its flavorings.

The idea came about with two guys who wanted to find a solution towards people breaking their teeth on buckshot when eating pheasant or turkey.

Season Shot comes in varieties of Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic, Teriyaki, and Honey Mustard. Supposedly, they won’t be available on the market until 2007.

So, is this for real?

We did a search on Google to find out some more. Other bloggers had already picked it up, and apparently at least one reporter was convinced enough to mention it in print in The Birmingham News. I found another newspaper article that someone posted on a forum.

We tried calling the company’s phone number, which was listed on their website, and I left them a message, and haven’t heard back from them.

What do you think?

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Dog Poop Soap

What the world needs now is some soap that looks like poop.

“Nope It’s Soap” claims to have a coffee scent, and can be used as an exfoliator.

Got a kid with a dirty mouth? Tell him you’re gonna wash his mouth out with this!

The manufacturer claims that each bar pile of soap is hand made, and unique, no molds, no mass production. Just like the real thing.


Update: Sweet Soaps sells a variety of poop soaps, including reindeer, Santa, elf, and snowman.

Pubic Hair Coloring

Betty Beauty is the name of a hair coloring made especially for pubic hair.

Apparently many hair salons have made the practice of providing women with a brown bag of hair coloring to match the coloring they just got put on their heads. A woman named Nancy Jarecki decided why not sell a product like this over-the-counter.

And so, Betty Beauty was born.

betty beauty

Coloring comes in five different colors, brown, black, blonde, auburn, and hot pink. What? No red?

It’s supposed to be the safe alternative to using head-hair coloring, and can be used by men also.

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Anti-Hemorrhoidal Toilet Paper

Hemo Roll

a product of Slovakia, made by a company named “Tento”.

The paper is infused with herbal compounds that are claimed to help prevent hemorrhoid inflammation with continued use. According to the product’s website…

Toilet paper Hemo-Roll is 3 plies hygienic product. The coloured side of a piece of Hemo-Roll tissue paper contains a herb micro-layer of an extract from oak bark, marigold and common yarrow, with easeful effects on rectum.

It goes on to say that it’s recommended to use Hemo Roll just for preventative purposes too.

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